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Our dream is to build uniquely designed one of a kind custom homes of the highest quality. Utilizing our process driven approach including detailed budgets and construction schedules, managed by our qualified team, along with our strong working relationships, The Custom Home Company has a competitive advantage towards achieving and exceeding our client’s design and build goals.

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The Custom Home Company is not your typical general contractor. Specializing in Residential | Luxury | Resort  projects with multimillion-dollar budgets; we build one-of-a-kind custom homes and small- to mid-size subdivisions utilizing our process driven approach, resulting in structures built to stand the test of time. We are true believers in paying close attention to the details, they are after all what sets a custom home apart from the rest! We identify our projects as true pieces of art that require the highest level of quality in their construction and attention to detail in their execution. To focus the necessary attention needed to finish a home successfully with the quality we expect, we only build a handful of homes a year. This allows our Founder and CEO, Rob Auger, to personally be involved throughout the entire design-build process. This dedicated approach paired with delivering optimal client service is what makes us your premier custom home builder.

Experience with collaborating with our sister company, ‘The Design Company’ makes us a uniquely qualified builder. The Design Company was founded, and is led, by Principal Designer Jessica Lauren who has an established portfolio of high-end custom home designs throughout Sonoma County and the SF Bay Area Peninsula. Jessica is well versed in the construction world and is able to approach each design with valued building knowledge not understood by most designers, making the design process efficient from the start in terms of working within the homeowner’s budget goals. Though strategic planning and careful detailing and material selections, Jessica is able to produce a vison for our homeowners that delivers their dream home while respecting their decided budget. Balancing this method with Jessica’s approachable spirit, client’s step towards the build of their home with confidence and excitement. 

As a homeowner, designing and building a custom home can be a daunting task. We have seen firsthand how easily homeowners and their architect can get lost in excitement of the design development that they quickly over design for their desired budget. Most architects, engineers, and homeowners don't always understand  the financial and build timing impacts of their design decisions. This is why we like to start working with our clients right from the start by establishing a comprehensive initial project budget which all design and construction decisions are tailored to meet. Being that design can be a fluid process, in an effort to not have the home ‘over-designed’, we provide regular budget and updates, as the design evolves. These updates are intended give the designer and homeowner visibility to identify if design modifications are needed so the budget bottom line goal is maintained. This approach is proven to prevent financial surprises contributing to the final construction costs.



The Custom Home Company knows how crucial the harmony of the project’s design team and construction team are to the overall success of the project’s execution. We understand how important the project budget and hitting its specific allowances and timing durations are to the success of the project in the client’s eye. It is this understanding that has helped drive the creation of our processes and the strategic methods that successfully guide our projects from launch to completion.

Our construction team works side by side with the design team every step of the way as the design evolves to provide financial feedback and build time impacts the design has will have on the construction budget and schedule. The project’s budget and schedules are updated regularly as the design develops to ensure the home being represented in the plans and selections are attainable within the client’s respected budget goals.

Our purchasing department then works closely with the design team to generate the sub-contractor and vendor ‘scopes of work’. This is our way of verifying each trade is equipped with the information they need to provide a comprehensive bid. Given the intimate knowledge the design team has with the plans and selections they help make sure the scopes of works fully capture the design intent and encompass all material and labor allowances needed to set up each trade for success, the first time. This is a key step in our process that greatly helps reduce surprise sub-contractor and vendor change orders.

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We recognize the value in a Design + Build relationship and are able to offer design services in addition to construction by introducing our clients to our sister company, The Design Company. By working side by side with The Design Company, we can offer another layer of planning and visibility into your project helping streamline the design-build process. With this all in one approach, we can work as a team in establishing a complete project budget and in turn, design to that budget. As design development progresses, the budget can also continue to update, giving you as the homeowner financial feedback as to what your project is going to cost, from start to finish, before you break ground.

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