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  1. Establish manageable design budgets, design schedule, comprehensive construction budget and timing expectations with our clients.

  2. Execute client expectations by establishing a fully comprehensive project budget and construction schedule that encompasses the design, site improvements, vertical construction and landscape that serves as a reliable and accurate project baseline to work off of and update as the project progresses.

  3. Deploy ‘subprime’ market vendors from Sacramento, Roseville, Fairfield and Vacaville, into ‘prime’ markets like Sonoma, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Napa, and the Silicon Valley to capture the 10% to 15% savings on labor rates.

  4. Leverage discounts established by our Founder | CEO Rob Auger’s 200-million-dollar relationships with the industry’s largest commodity suppliers, such as, lumber mills, concrete suppliers, window suppliers, roofing suppliers, drywall suppliers etc...

  5. Leverage finish material discounts scouted by our sister company ‘The Design Company’s’ Founder | CEO, Jessica Lauren.  Jessica has been able to achieve multi-million dollar looks for much less through utilizing finish material selections practiced in her 2 million to 20 million dollar spec home and custom home projects in the highly desirable Silicon Valley, San Mateo, Sonoma and Placer Counties.

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  • Project Due Diligence and Feasibility Analysis
    Our due diligence and feasibility analysis is intended to identify items that can cause excess costs and or delays on projects such location and condition of project utilities, whether there are city utilities or well/septic, probability of getting soils to perc for septic, wetland or vernal pools, expansive soil or soil with liquefaction properties which will affect foundation types and costs.
  • Comprehensive Project Budget
    Our project budgets outline and detail all project related costs including design costs, city/county fees, soft costs, site improvements, vertical construction, and landscaping.
  • Project Budget Updates
    We update our project budgets as the plans and selection package are developed. Keeping the budget updated and reflective of the changes made to the design as it develops prevents our clients from getting unwanted financial surprises.
  • Custom Scope Generation
    Each sub-contractor ‘scope of work’ will be custom tailored to each project, on a project specific basis, and will directly be based off the site specific conditions, construction plans and the project’s selection package.
  • Competitive Bidding
    We request, receive, and carefully review multiple bids for each trade to ensure we are getting the best fair market pricing at any given time and to ensure the bids are compete per the applicable scope of work.
  • Performance Based Subcontracting
    We implement a daily late fee via liquidated damages to vendor and trade sub-contracts for delays to the project caused by the vendor. The amount of days scheduled and contractually allotted for any given vendor or trade will be included in the project specific purchase order.
  • Comprehensive Project Specific Schedule
    Our construction schedules are created on a Microsoft Project Gantt Chart, showing all trades working on the project, trade successors and predecessors, and the days allocated for each trade. Gantt charts allow us to always easily, at all times, identify the fastest way to completion with its critical path function.
  • Hands on Site Management
    Construction management services will be performed by project specific superintendents and project managers with additional oversite and support from the company ownership.
  • 3rd Party Independent Quality Control Oversite and Construction Defect Prevention
    We hire ‘Quality Built’, the nation’s largest 3rd party independent construction defect and quality control company to be a third set of eyes on our projects to make sure no corners are cut and that we are delivering the highest level of quality.
  • Homes Detail and Quality Control ‘Punch Lists’
    The highest level of quality demands the site superintendent or project manager walks each room and area of the home, both inside and outside looking for quality imperfections in the materials installed down to the consistency of tile grout lines, smooth operation of cabinet doors and drawers, imperfections in the drywall or paint etc, and documenting so all imperfections can be corrected.
  • Equipment and Fixtures Quality Control
    Testing the homes equipment and fixtures is essential to ensuring the delivery of the finest quality homes. This process is enforced via the ‘Equipment Quality Control Checklist’ which requires the project superintendent or project manager to personally check the functionality by operating the homes working systems, fixtures and appliances, including but not limited to, plumbing pipes and faucets, outlets and switches, electrical and plumbing fixtures, water heater, condenser, FAU etc. to verify all are in full working order.
  • Maintenance Walk Milestones
    As a part of our warranty program, we will come out to review and recheck all items on the ‘Equipment Quality Control Checklist’ in an effort to prevent future maintenance issues. These milestones are at 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months to ensure the home is operating the way it was intended.
  • Warranty
    We provide a 2 years fit and finish and 10 years structural warranty.
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Production Building Based Scheduling Techniques

‘stack’ our subs when possible and when it will not sacrifice quality. Several ‘behind the wall’ and ‘rough trades’ can work in the house at the same time together including while the roof is going on and windows are going in. We use Microsoft Project ‘Gantt Chart Schedules’ which allows us to always know the fastest ways to finish our projects with its ‘Critical Path’ feature.

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Production Scale Core Subs

Many of our vendors are large scale companies with large staffs allowing them to complete their projects much faster given the repetition, without sacrificing quality, compared to smaller companies in the same trade. These large-scale companies also work off tighter profit margins which creates savings for the project.

Expert Project Management

Our project managers have all overseen a variety of ultra-high-end custom homes ranging from 1.5-milion to 25-million-dollar projects on a multitude on property types such as flat lots, hillsides and mountainsides. The experience our project managers add to our homes equates to quick problem solving when the ‘unknowns’ happen and enforcement of the highest quality control.

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High End Finish Subs

Quality, quality, quality is the name of the custom home game and a huge focus for us. Achieving a multi-million-dollar look requires the most experienced and detail-oriented craftsmen. Our custom cabinet makers, master carpenters, expert tile and countertop setters have been groomed over the last decade to achieve the quality expected by The Custom Home Company.

High Value Low Cost Finish Materials

Our Principal Designer, Jessica Lauren, is an expert at achieving the highest end looks… for less.  Jessica stuns her clients by providing $5 to $7 tiles and hardwood samples that are typically un-distinguishable to the $15 to $20 samples that are the same size, color and or pattern. Jessica has taken decorative electrical and finish plumbing packages created by homeowners or a homeowner’s designer for their custom home that ranged between $60,000 to $100,000, and value-engineered remarkably similar packages for $20,000 to $35,000. Jessica has even produced decorative electrical and finish plumbing packages for $7,000 to $9,000 in homes that valued or sold between 1.6 million to 3 million dollars.

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